۱۴. Moods of Verb Phrases

The grammatical category mood indicates the subjective attitude of the speaker towards the state of affairs described by the verb phrase.

The following mood subcategories are used in Persian:

Moods of verb phrases can be recognized by means of their syntactical patterns. An exception is the application of perfect participle as predicate (in copulative coordination of inflectional phrases), and in this case the perfect participle is in the same mood subcategory as the predicate of the second conjunct (see 12•۴•b.):

کفش‌های‌م را پوشیده (indicative mood) به راه افتادم.

اگر کفش‌های‌م را پوشیده (potential mood) به راه بیافتم، شاید به او برسم.

کفش‌های‌تان را پوشیده (imperative mood) به راه بیافتید!

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