۶•۷. Proportional Numerals

Proportional numerals are nominal numerals involving arithmetic ratios. They are generated in the following ways:

  1. To compare the absolute values of two counting numerals, the second numeral can attribute the first. In this case, the attribute appears as a locative adverbial (in the form of an adpositional phrase with the preposition /bæ/, /bær/ or /æbær/):

    نتیجه‌یِ چهار به یک /ʧæhɒr bæ jek/

    نتیجه‌یِ چهار بر سه /ʧæhɒr bær se/

  2. To compare two parts of a whole value, the proportional numeral is generated by copulative composition with the interfix /-ɒ-/:

    نصفانصف /nesf/ + /-ɒ-/ + /nesf/ → /nesf-ɒ-nesf/

    نه راستیّ و درستی هر آن مَثَل که زدند

    اگر نه جملـه دروغ‌ست، هست نیمانیم /nim-ɒ-nim/

    Suzani Samarqandi (12th Century AD)

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