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۱۲•۴. Perfect Participles  0

Perfect participles are non-finite verb forms which appear in the syntax of indicative pre-present. They are generated by attaching the suffix /-æ/ to past participles (see 20•a.).


a. Application

Perfect participles have the following applications in Persian:

b. Using Perfect Participles as Predicates

In the copulative coordination of two sentences having the same subject and happening sequentially, the predicate of the first conjunct can be used in the shape of a perfect participle (see 17•a.), whereas the coordination can be used asyndetically:

پیرمرد فریادی کشیده، آناً مرد.

Modjtaba Minavi (20th Century AD)

وقایعِ عمده‌یِ آن سال را بعضی‌ها در یک کتاب نوشته، انتشار می‌دهند.

Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda (19th and 20th Century AD)

آب بعد از این که به این حوض‌ها می‌رسید از آن‌ها جاری شده، بیرون می‌آمد.

Modjtaba Minavi (20th Century AD)

Such a perfect participle falls in the same predicative subcategories as the predicate of the second conjunct.