۶•۱•۲. Mixed Numerals

Mixed numerals are counting numerals which are composed of a cardinal numeral and a fraction numeral.


a. Syntax of Mixed Numerals

The two components of the mixed Numeral are coordinated with the conjunction /o/:

دو و سه‌پنجم /do vo se-pænʤom/

بیست و سه‌هفتم /bist o se-hæftom/

The noun phrases /nesf-i/ نصفی ([NP[NP/nesf/] [Denclitical article /-i/]]) and /nim/ نیم can be used like a fraction numeral in the syntax of fixed numerals:

بیست و پنج و نصفی /bist o pænʤ o nesf-i/

ده و نیم /dæh o nim/

b. Pattern of Numeral Phrases with Mixed Numerals

To generate Persian numeral phrases with mixed numerals, one must first construct a numeral phrase with the cardinal component, and coordinate it by means of conjunction /o/ with the fraction component.

Hence, the pattern of such numeral phrases is [NP[NP[DetPcardinal numeral] [NPnoun phrase]] [Conconjunction /o/] [NPfraction numeral]]:

پنج کیلو و دو‌سوم /pænʤ kilu o do-sevvom/

سه سال و نیم /se sɒl o nim/

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